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New Year's Resolutions

  1. Get rid of clutter. I did get rid of 5 bags or recycling paper today and 4 bags of trash, along with a bin filled with recycling stuff too. It still doesn't look like I did anything. I hope to get rid of at least 5 bags of trash next week.
  2. Read my books. I have had books laying around for ages that I haven't read. This year I should read them. I want to donate a lot of them, so that I can have less stuff.
  3. Try to have a better garden this year. Last year a tree fell on my garden and ruined it. I did get some stuff out of it, but it would have been much better. I also planted some things too late. I want to plant some Korean melon, pumpkins, hubbard squash, and peppers, among other things.



I have been dealing with stomach pains and fatigue for a long time now. I found out that I have gastritis and a hiatus hernia. I am not sure if I will need surgery or not. I doubt it, but that's what I will ask the doctor when I go back on September 22. I had an endoscopy on the 5th.


Crochet earrings

Where to Go

I have been deciding on where to go next.  I have been home for a while now and I want to get a job and move out.  There isn't much for work in my area.  There must be something.  I do admit I haven't been looking that hard.  I know I don't want to live here.
Every time I come home I just get tired of being here after a few weeks. It's nice to come and visit, yet I feel that I want to move on again after a while.  It just doesn't feel right to be here.

A Single Rose

A Single Rose

by Karih Fernandez

A single rose,

More powerful than some know.

One woman gave her life

To be with her love.

To be with in heaven above.

Many may not go

To her extreme.

But their love is just as powerful

It may seem.

My love for you is so much that it flows,

So to you my love I offer,

A Single Rose.


Aunt Charlotte

A few weeks ago there was the annual Woodstock Fair in my area. It has been going on for 152 years. I always like to go to see the animals, craft exhibits, and browse the shopping area.  I also like to experience the entertainment.  They often have country and pop bands, oldies music, and some commedians.  This year Tony Orlando came to do one concert for the fair.
I remember my aunt had a vinyl Tony Orlando record when I was a kid. My sister and I sometimes played it. "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree" was our favorite. My aunt was very thrilled that he was coming to the fair.
My mother, sister, aunt and I arrived in the afternoon for the fair.  My mother and aunt walked straight to the main stage to get good seats for Tony Orlando. A band was singing classic songs from the 1960s.  My sister and I walked around to look among the concession stands for fried dough.  We later joined the rest of our family for the concert.
Tony Orlando was fun. He sang many of his classic songs, as well as some other songs from that era.  He told jokes and had the crowd roaring with laughter.  He said during one of his joke sessions that he wanted a hot dog. After singing his next song, someone came up to the stage and presented him with a fully-loaded hot dog.  It was such fun. I was impressed that he did such a good concert at his age. He is in his 70s.
That night it took me a while to get to bed. I was so wound up from the fair.  I finally dozed off around 11:00 pm. I woke up a few hours later. I couldn't seem to get back to sleep.
At almost 3:00 am I heard my aunt calling my name. I had my fan on so I wasn't sure if she was calling me. Then I heard her again. I got up.  She was saying she couldn't breathe. She was very congested.
Soon my mother was doing CPR on her. I called the ambulance.  They took her to the hospital, and then to another one.  She was pronounced dead just after 12:00 pm. 
It was so crazy.  She seemed to be doing fine.  I knew she didn't have a long life ahead of her, with her diabetes and other health problems. Yet I didn't think she'd go that soon.  Yet sometimes these things happen so suddenly.
We should be burying the box of ashes next week at my grandmother's grave site. My aunt wanted to be cremated and buried with her mother. There is a box of daffodil bulbs waiting in the house next to the urn.
Rest in peace, Aunt Charlotte.


Ellen White Copied from Larkin B. Coles

Counsels on Diet and Foods by Ellen White pages 178-179:
The less that condiments and desserts are placed upon our tables, the better it will be for all who partake of the food.  All mixed and complicated foods are injurous to the health of human beings. Dumb animals would never each such a mixture as is often placed in the human stomach...
The richness of food and complicated mixtures of food are health destroying.

Philosophy of Health by Larkin Coles 59-60:
Complicated food, especially that which is compounded with various kinds of condiments, is bad; such as very rich puddings, cake, and pastry of various sorts. Mince pies, wedding cake, and plum puddings, as they are generally made, should never be introduced into the human stomach--and the prohibition need never extend beyond the human stomach. For dumb animals could not be compelled to eat them.